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Questions tagged [metaphysics]

The area of philosophy that deals with the nature of existence, truth and knowledge

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What, exactly, is the notion of cause and effect at work in a causal series that includes the citta-santāna?

What, exactly, is the notion of cause and effect at work in a causal series that includes the citta-santāna? I suppose the obvious answer is the 12 links of dependent origination, but I am confused ...
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Relationship of Planck units and duration of a rebirth in Naraka

My intuition is telling me that since the last level of hell is some kind of a mathematical limit of how stupid a person can get (or how annoying or how evil), there must be a parallel with Planck ...
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6 answers

Can you quickly explain "everything is impermanent"

Can you quickly explain "everything is impermanent"? Is it metaphysical or ontological claim, that nothing that "exists" will exist forever? Or is it a claim that nothing can ...
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How Lord Buddha did sermon for the people who was long distance

If my memory is correct, Lord Buddha did a sermon for the long-distance people. It is mentioned that Lord Budha can do a sermon even for someone in another solar system. How is it possible? Because to ...
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2 answers

Mereology: does being inside something mean it is inside?

When we speak of an individual having a property we nominalize the predicate expressing the property we take to be constitutive and ascribe the instantiating properties to the individual thus created. ...
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How to stop thinking about metaphysical questions?

I have been practicing seriously for a month now. I'm mindful a lot of the time but not 100% yet and whenever I'm not I start thinking about metaphysical questions or what could be after death or if ...
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6 answers

I'm scared of the universe

So here is a quick "disclaimer": I know that the Buddha didn't answer metaphysical questions since it made no sense to him. He wanted to afaik limit/remove suffering as much as possible. Also I know ...
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5 answers

What happens if no beings choose to act on one's bad karma?

What happens if no beings choose to act on one's bad karma? Does one then hallucinate one's bad karma? ( By this I mean i.e. is there experiencing of hallucinations (or illusions) alongside things ...
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2 answers

Are ideas real?

If I have the idea of an "apple" or its taste, is the idea as real as the apple itself? Specifically do the objects of the 6th consciousness depend on anything except the 6th ...
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10 answers

Does the middle way apply to objects as well as the skandhas?

Does the middle way -- between annihilationism and eternalism -- apply to objects? Like a mountain, will it either exist forever or be destroyed, or is it too the middle way? The expression “middle ...
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2 answers

Apologetics and Upanishads

Are there good apologetic resources (books, audios, sites, etc.) that give the buddhist answer to advaita vedanta and/or hinduism in general? To the substantial model of the atman-brahman or purusha/...
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Are probabilistic physics and pratitya samutpada compatible?

Can a physical theory be fundamentally probabilistic (such as the popular interpretations of quantum mechanics) without contradicting pratitya samutpada? Clarification Pratitya samutpada is about ...