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6 answers

Benefits of "Mental Noting" during positive events?

I've been using Mental Noting to improve my handling of anxious thoughts and emotions but I ran into a strange situation today. Most of my thoughts have been neutral or negative, and mentally noting ...
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5 answers

How should I stop thinking that I am even slightly enlightened?

I don't know how else to phrase this question, but please advise. I have this constant irritating feeling that I am kind of enlightened. It is confusing. I don't really know if it is my ego which is ...
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How to determine whether a 10 days S.N. Goenka Vipassana course is safe for my friend or relative?

I have recently participated in a 10 days S.N. Goenka Vipassna course, which had incredible positive results. I feel like I shed 20 tons off my heart, and most importantly I am able to practice daily ...
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How to develop Chanda?

How to develop Chanda? Anything you have to add on this subject is welcomed and appreciated.
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What are the differences between joy (piti), bliss (sukha) and peace (santi) and how do the qualities relate to Nibbana?

This is a follow-on to this question What's the connection or difference between joy (piti), and the "bliss" (sukha) and peace (santi) of Nibbana? Is one required to seek joy to attain Nibbana? Why?...
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What does Buddhism teach about healing others through the mind

From my experience, one can influence outcomes of whatever by using intent. This is investigated much currently by Thomas Campbell, which you can read about in this My big TOE book and see in his ...
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