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For general questions about what is meditation, what is it for and what types of meditation are.

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Who is the artist that painted the '9 Stages of Samatha Meditation' painting?

The following Tibetan Buddhist (thangka) painting is a visual representation of the 9 Stages (~11 stages) of Samatha meditation. Who painted it?
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Doubt regarding correct meditation technique

I have been doing meditation for around 20-30 minutes a day for 5 years. One thing I have noticed is I absorb my mind in both the awareness of my whole body (as in physical sensations such as pressure ...
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Heart, mind, brain domination

What is effect of heart on mind in reality? Is it the effect due to coziness felt across the walls of heart (similar to the one felt by a child sitting in the parent's lap) leading to the change in ...
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Side effect of audio

How exactly, if can be defined exactly otherwise in parts & pieces, hearing to audio effects one's brain during meditation? For the organisms/living-beings not having brain, how would they be ...
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Why Buddhanussati practitioners seem so special?

Hardly a person practice Buddhanussati well. Yet those rare people seem very virtuous, wise and faithful than many others. I have seen few of them. What is the reason behind them to be so special and ...
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What is the state,the during vipassana meditation?

Now there is no bodily sensation on sitting posture of meditation. Only thoughts are coming. Always close the eyes can see a oil lamp in the Middle. When the lamp not appeared in the front negative ...
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Is there a source that Dalai Lama wants scientists to invent a "meditation machine"?

The 14th Dalai Lama have known to actively support scientific explanation on Buddhism. For example his investment in the Mind and Life Institute. But I remember that I've read somewhere that he ...
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