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Mahasi Sayadaw Walking

In the tradition of Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw, it is taught that walking and sitting meditation should be practiced balanced with one another. I am wondering where it can be found that the Buddha taught ...
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How is walking meditation different than other forms of activity?

I've read that things like aikido, yoga, swimming, running are not meditation. How is walking meditation different?
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Can you go through all 7 purifications of insight with walking meditation?

Can you go through all 7 purifications of insight with walking meditation. Can you also go through the 7 purifications of insight by focusing on your steps and saying to yourself "stepping, stepping"?
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Is listening to a Dharma talk while walking considered a form of walking meditation?

Sometimes when I take a break from work and walk through a nature path, I listen to a podcast called Zencast which is a collection of hundreds of Dharma talks by dozens of teachers over the decades ...
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Is meditating while on the bike at the gym an effective method of meditation?

Walking meditation : is considered as "just as profound as sitting meditation". If we were to extrapolate this ...
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How to do walking meditation?

I recently came across the concept of doing walking meditation, but I am not clearly aware of the technique or procedure to do walking meditation. Can someone help me understand this? Thank you.
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How Walking meditation happen

Without any thought automatically start the walking and it's last for 15 minutes. How it's related to meditation.
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