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The Buddhist practice of calming the mind and the mental formations. This is done through practices such as body awareness and mindfulness of breathing. This contrast to vipassana or insight meditation.

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Stabilizing the counterpart sign

Stabilizing the counterpart sign (nimitta) isn't easy. Is there a 'technique' that leads to stabilize it? I.c. is there a 'technique' to develop/cultivate intensively the absorption factors (jhanangas)...
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In meditation, should one pursue tranquility first, prior to looking for insight?

On the one hand this question has been asked to death on the internet (and yuttadhammo's videos even try to handle it). On the other hand, I personally still don't feel I have a clear answer (and I ...
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Does samatha practice always come before vipassana practice?

In my tradition (Triratna) there is a big emphasis of a lot of samatha practice before any vipassana practice. This has always made sense to me. However is this universal in all Buddhist schools? Are ...
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Details for Kasina Meditation

I've searched through the web and also Wikipedia regarding Kasina meditation and could not find detailed information. Can the meditation object be anything? (Say anything green or blue for those ...
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Shamata and vipassana - loss of willpower

I've been meditating (somewhat regularly) about one or two years back. Mainly shamata, and vipassana lately. Today I feel that my willpower is considerably lower than before. I mean, I used to be ...
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Is Anapanasati considered Samatha?

I'm new to Buddhism, and I have some trouble understanding some core aspects on meditation. Is Anapanasati considered Samatha or Vipassana?
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Is it possible to see the counterpart sign (nimitta) with eyes open?

As a beginner, I practice two forms of meditation: one focusing on the breath (typically with eyes closed), and one focusing on a colored disc (kasina), obviously with eyes open (unless cultivating ...
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Ajahn Brahm versus others

I am practicing samadhi meditation using the breath as an object. Most teachers say to watch the breath at the tip of the nose. However, Ajahn Brahm says not to locate the breath anywhere. I find ...
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Is samatha meditation more suited to lay people than vipassana?

Does the Piti Sutta imply that it is better for lay people to start with cultivation of jhana through samatha meditation, instead of starting with vipassana meditation? Also, the use of the term "...
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Pagoda's symbolism of yogi's progress to Nirvana

This page shows each feature of a pagoda symbolizing the steps to Nirvana. In Discourses on Satipatthana Sutta, S. N. Goenka mentions a similar symbolism on how the pagoda relates to the Maha ...
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Samatha while studying

I heard about the practice of concentration. But I work 13 hours per day doing coding. How can I meditate while studying, thinking really deep? I can focus on one static object, but not reading (...
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