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Did Buddha comment on existence of other contemporary buddhas?

Just wondering, since enlightenment is the cessation of all suffering, were there other people or beings that had achieved that and were contemporary to buddha. One such candidate may be the Jain ...
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Is there mention of Maitreya Buddha in Pali Canon?

How did this idea of next Buddha formed? Is it the influence of other religion where they say Kalki or Christ will return. Also does Pali Canon mention many other Buddha before Gautam Buddha?
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How did Maitreya become so large and rich?

The title is not meant to be disrespectful, but only to highlight the incongruity of the representation with what I understand of Buddhism. Images of Maitreya in English Wikipedia are modest and ...
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How do Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhists make sense of Maitreya's prophecy?

How do Mayahana and Vajrayana Buddhists make sense of Maiterya's prophecy? I know for a fact that some e.g. son masters claimed to have achieved anuttara samyak sambodhi, and that some Vajrayana ...
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When will Maitreya Buddha come according to the Manimekalai?

According to Buddhism, Maitreya Buddha is a Buddha who will come some time in the future. Some sources say he will come hundreds of thousands of years from now, but the Manimekalai, a 6th century ...
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Maithri Bodhisatvas Ata pirikara

I recently got to know that the Ata Pirikara that is to be given to Maithree Bodhisatva at the time of the renunciation by the Maha Brahma has already been created and ready. Is there anything ...
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Decline and the ending of Buddhism

Here is link giving a bit of details that Buddha preached about the decline of Buddhism after parinibbana. I share with you the following passage ...
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Buddha Sasana of Ariya Maitreya Buddha

The Sasana of Gautama Buddha will last for 5000 years of which more than 2500 years are over. Ariya Maitreya will be the next Buddha. How long will the Sasana of Ariya Maitreya Buddha last?
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Why is Budai often associated with the future Buddha Maitreya?

Many times I've heard of Budai (pictured below) being associated with Maitreya, the future Buddha. Why is this so and how widespread is this belief? Wikipedia lists a short verse uttered before Budai'...
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Does any school seriously believe Maitreya might appear in my lifetime

Say, the next 30 years? The world is going to undergo great turmoil IMO, as technology outstrips not just need but the reality we live in. Is there much or indeed any chance that Maitreya will ...
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Were all of the historical Buddhas born on today's planet earth?

Were Buddhas always born on planet Earth or they can be born on any habitable planets across the universe? How does one Buddha gain knowledge of the existence of the the previous Buddha/Buddhas?
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Does Buddhism teach an apocalyptic cosmology?

I've noticed in several places about a coming of another Buddha in the future and a kind of apocalyptic teaching about space and time. Does Buddhism have an apocalyptic cosmology of space and time? ...
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