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Is liberation possible for those practicing unskillful means?

Is it possible for a person to gain liberation while simultaneously practicing unskillful means? Is it possible for a person to understand profound universal truths while simultaneously practicing ...
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Is there a Buddhist school / tradition wich recognizes the endless cycle of rebirth but doesn't teach that we should get liberated from it?

And even more, that we should embrace it and accept it (while at the same time avoiding the sufferings) ?
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Regarding Nicca and Anicca natures of Avidya and Prajna

If Tanha (Craving) is caused by Avidya (Ignorance), and Avidya is originated and sustained by Tanha, then the origination of Avidya is part of a recursive cycle with no beginning. Yet Prajna (Wisdom) (...
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Is this a beginning of anatta? Where to go from here?

After years of abandoning Buddhism and becoming an agnostic, I somehow finally experienced/felt the Four Noble Truths yesterday, or at least the truth of the first three. Then the same thing happened ...
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What are the strengths and weaknesses of attempts to describe Nirvana in scripture?

How can we evaluate which description of nirvana is accurate? Also what problems does King Millinda point out about nirvana in his 80th dilemma?
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What is the consequence to living life with self realism behavior?

It is very typical to live life with self realism behavior and aware every time with our daily routine. When i sit and think about my past life i just found, there was a time which has been gone and ...
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Did the Buddha state that there is only one way, and state/imply that any other path (such as those practiced by yogis) was futile?

This question mainly came up to my mind as I thought about how interconnected some concepts and practices of Buddhism are with other spiritual practices, such as meditation, and the concept of letting ...
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Is it possible to be reborn for all eternity?

According to Buddhist teachings, is it possible to continue to reborn and suffer for all eternity? Suppose if a being never attained any merit, never was able to work through its old karma. Would it ...
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Is there a middle way between working towards personal liberation and liberation for all sentient beings?

I may be a little off-mark here, but if I understand correctly there are two broad opinions on liberation. The first where a practitioner works towards her own liberation (the way of the Sravaka or ...
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Does Theravada Buddhism encourages animal release?

Does Theravada Buddhism encourages animal release? Would it be conflicting if one is under the branch Theravada Buddhism but perform animal release?
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3 deliverance 8 liberations and stages of enlightenment

Is there any relations between 3 deliverance, attha vimokkha and stages of enlightenment? During meditation (like anapanasati) , how does one switch to insight (into five aggregates) after gaining ...
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