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Buddha's night before enlightenment

According to the historical story before the day of enlightenment, Mara apparently lured the Buddha with various worldy pleasures. Now, I am not arguing whether Mara really existed or is just Buddha's ...
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Where did the belief about monks' mothers going to heaven come from?

Some people believe that in Buddhism when the mother of a monk dies she would hold on to the monk's robe and go to heaven. I never read the Buddha say anything like that, but of course I haven't ...
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Drunk monks and the 5th precept

I have heard that the 5th precept was not a core of Buddhism, it was created later by the Buddha after some monks returned drunk from alms because they had something with alcohol (accidently I believe)...
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Help locating a Jataka Tale

In this interesting take on Buddhism and modern psychology via the Jataka Tales and the DSM, is this passage: The Jathka storyteller elegantly portrays the clinical picture of a monk (in Dummbala ...
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Is there any truth in the legend about the birth of Siddhartha?

This Life of the Buddha (also mentioned among Wikipedia's Miracles of Gautama Buddha) says, According to the legends about this birth, the baby began to walk seven steps forward and at each step a ...
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Do we need to believe in Buddhist stories to be a real Buddhist?

Some suttas and the dhammapada contain stories with things not very easy to verify, such as people flying, living 8.000 years, teletransportation, etc. Some of those are related to the psychic ...
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