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Requests for resources about Buddhism and Buddhist practice. Also requests for clarification about particular points within a particular resource. Learning resources can be books, video, audio etc...

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Learning materials for Dependent Origination (Paṭiccasamuppāda) in Theravada Buddhism

I am listening through the talks and guided meditations from the retreat at Amaravati Just One More: Dependent Origination and the Cycles of Addiction Retreat, where there are a number of references ...
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English (or other European) translations of Pali Canon

Perhaps this should be closed as a 'shopping' question, but maybe translations take a long time to make and therefore there are not too many of them, and they don't go out of date quickly. The ...
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List of book recommendations

For the reasons explained here, can you recommend one or more books about Buddhism? I suggest a format like, Title of Book by Name of Author A summary of what's in the book, recommended for ...
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Introductory books to Buddhism

I'm looking for some book(s) that are generally regarded as a good introduction to Buddhism. I know very little about Buddhism, having only read one book on it so far (What Makes You Not a Buddhist by ...
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Beginner's Buddhist Course Syllabus By Ancient Pali Canon (Ganthadhura And Vipassanādhura)

How to learn dhamma as Māhāvihāra Theravāda Buddhists? How Māhāvihāra Theravāda Buddhists learn kammaṭhāna and dhamma for over 2600 years?
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Introductory/Beginner books on Buddhism, but for children

There are a few posts on the site asking for good introduction/beginner books on Buddhism, but I can't seem to find any that a child could read and understand. Although age range doesn't really ...
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A good source to learn the Pali language?

I have asked this considering the importance of Pali in Buddhism. I want to learn Pali. I want to learn it individually on my own. Is there any relatively simple way? Can anyone suggest me ...
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Beginner academic text recommendation

I am an ordinary western man willing to start learning Buddhism, for now - just for curiousity. I have a B.Sc as for education (if the field DOES matter, that is either economics or computer science, ...
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Suggestions for Buddhist themed crafts and activities for children

I organise an afternoon where we invite parents and children to out my local Buddhist centre. I put on some craft type activity for the children and then we do a mini reflection and a story. The ...