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Does Buddhism only reviewing the past and looking for the future? So, where is the "present"?

To me, the “present” holds greater significance than both the past and the future. Why? Because the present is the canvas upon which I can actively wield influence. It’s where my actions ripple ...
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Academic Interview [closed]

My name is Aidan, I am a senior student from a small High School in Ontario, Canada. I am doing a research project on Buddhism in a world cultures class. I would like to ask practicing Buddhists some ...
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Introductory/Beginner books on Buddhism, but for children

There are a few posts on the site asking for good introduction/beginner books on Buddhism, but I can't seem to find any that a child could read and understand. Although age range doesn't really ...
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What makes a great a spiritual leader? Is it nature or nurture or something else?

Two premises presumed for my question: The 14th Dalai Lama is an especially sincere spirit Reincarnation, beyond the scientific eg recycling of atoms / culture / dna, is an incorrect idea. Is the ...
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Formal training in Buddhism

I wish to learn Buddhism from monks and learn things I don't understand. Is a formal training from an institute like ( ) fruitful? Are there people who have taken ...
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Meditation - how to practice it?

Is it more important to develop one's own meditation skills or follow a prescribed method of a teacher? After all I think the Buddha worked it out for himself. And I have noticed in my own practice ...
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To learn Tripitaka to academic level

Please recommend a place or university to learn Tipitaka in academic level. Including Availability of visa Qualifications required Internationally acclaimed in someways Using English as a second ...
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How to pronounce Ksana?

It's 刹那 in Chinese, is the smallest unit of time, from Sanskrit. My question: How to pronounce Ksana in Sanskrit ? Please leave phonetic symbol or click here.
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Is it not conceit when you compare yourself to other people?

Are we not thinking of ourselves as either you're better than they are, or equal to them, or worse that they are?
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How open are current Zen Buddhism masters to teaching westerners?

Would it be acceptable to travel to Japan or China and seek out masters of Buddhism to learn from them? Would they accept the opportunity or is it expected of everyone to seek out their own truth on ...
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Watching Darma Talks on 2x Speed

I really like Ajahn Brahm's Darma talks on YouTube. But, I can perfectly understand what he's saying on 2x speed. Am I losing anything by listening at this speed or is it ok as long as it's not for ...
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What is the Origin and History of Milindapanha?

What is the Origin and History of Milindapanha? When was it 1st written? How did evolve over time? What are the notable changes to it if any? Since when was it in the current form?
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How and when did the name "Buddhism" appear?

What is called "Buddhism" is a whole range of different schools, sects, practices etc. that has in common that they are based on the teachings of Siddharta Gautama/the Buddha. But is the name "...
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Dhamma Language Learning

Anyone know of any methods of learning languages within a Buddhist setting? Like learning to read and listen to Dhamma talks and suttas or learning conversation with dialogues of a Buddhist nature. I ...
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Fun teaching techniques for children meditation class

Can someone help ? i am looking for fun teaching of meditation and Buddhist teaching from age 4 ~ 13 old. Also help with morality, environmental protection, chanting, Buddhist religion's etiquette ...
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The importance of NOW

Why this (and only this) moment is the exclusive possibility to see things as they really are?
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Is it possible to become a buddhist without a formal teacher?

I was reading a particular question about conversion. This particular answer discusses how one converts to become a buddhist: How does conversion work in Buddhism? First of all, there isn't one ...
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How to overcome Depression with Buddhist teachings

There are several scientific methods to treat the psychiatric condition depression. Is there a method to overcome depression by Lord Buddha's teachings?
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Beginner academic text recommendation

I am an ordinary western man willing to start learning Buddhism, for now - just for curiousity. I have a B.Sc as for education (if the field DOES matter, that is either economics or computer science, ...
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A good source to learn the Pali language?

I have asked this considering the importance of Pali in Buddhism. I want to learn Pali. I want to learn it individually on my own. Is there any relatively simple way? Can anyone suggest me ...
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How compatible are the beliefs of atheists and Buddhism?

I looked around and found a couple of questions and answers on the site that discuss atheism in Buddhism, What is the difference between learning the Buddhist way and simply learning from life? & ...
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What is the difference between learning the Buddhist way and simply learning from life?

What is different about being a Buddhist than an atheist? As far as I can tell, "western" thought is a mix of different philosophical approaches that can be applied to life with a dose of common ...
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How can I assess the quality of a local Buddhist group?

I'm located in the West, and, in my local area, there are several Buddhist groups. I would like to join one of them to be more formal in my commitment to learn about Buddhism. My question is, how do I ...
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