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Otherwise known as the householder path, the lay buddhist path is a path for non-monastic buddhists.

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Nibbana and correct view of Vijnana and Jhana

My Vijnana view from advaita Vedanta is deep and ingrained, it is false I know it but I need help to improve it because I read long time about conciousness the self I read much like these things like ...
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What is vritti in buddhism?

Those yoga sutras of Patanjali and have come across called vritti. It's like a whirlpool in the mind not ocean. But what is the equivalent of vritti in Buddhism?
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Making a true promise "on the dharma"

Is making a true promise, on the dharma, good karma? Not asking about the precepts per se, but it was about precept centred behaviour (a lack of infidelity etc. from me): and now I feel blissed out, ...
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The Sangha extinguished, the Dhamma sold out: what now?

It's hard to imagine that there is any valid and not actually defeat group of monks out their, Dhamma has been sold out, reformed, reproduced and shared by blind. AI will soon be, or is already, your ...
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Someone making sacrifices outside the Sangha of Savakas, can such be expected as follower?

If people, maintaining a Buddhist identity, are good, they do whatever sacrifices of which they expect benefit or where they feel touched. Now, when a person gives outside the Savaka-Sangha, outside ...
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