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Do Buddhists file lawsuits when grievances are done against them?

I have always been against lawsuits, but I live in America - and I have observed lawsuits being filed for many things. Suppose one's civil rights were in question, and it is a matter of being ...
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Tolerance – Buddhist in Countries with a Non-Buddhist Majority

Each religion has their own values and its – compulsory or recommended – rules. Tolerance begins where the rulings of the religions differ. To what extent should a Buddhist follow the rules of a ...
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Does a virtuous Buddhist indicate when making a turn and no-one (else) is watching?

It’s a question about the balance hetween adhering to law but also not becoming ridiculous about it. I hope it’s not a ridiculous question. ———- I am adding a justification for the validity of this ...
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"For a person whose past,present and future are the same" from Dhammapada

With reference to the title of the question, I would like to know if the person blessed or under a curse if for him the past, present, and future are the same? If by unlawful acts he is elevated to a ...
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Is there a universal definition of a crime?

.. I am starting to read Smith and Hogan's Criminal Law, which is of course, not the law of Dhamma, but a common law from one island in Europe. This is the title of the first chapter, but it makes me ...
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How is negligence dealt with?

Negligence is unintentional, so at least for the first offence due to negligence, there should be no punishment or kammic results (imo). What of recurring negligence?
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Laws and rules and Dhamma

How are laws and rules in harmony with the Dhamma? How are the laws and rules we make in harmony or in conflict with the Dhamma? How can one best practice Dhamma while also practicing law ,enforcing ...
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What would a Buddhist country's law be?

Does Asian countries has Buddhist law in their parliament/government? Is there thing like this? As we can see that Asian countries like Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Mongolia, South-Korea, North-...
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Is it sinful to masturbate in Bhutanese variety of Vajrayana?

Is masturbation a sin in Vajrayana variety practiced in Bhutan as official state religion? When performed by non-monk, for example, adolescent boy, divorced man, as part of wider sexual practices used ...
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The Law of One Form

In the Burton Watson translation of the Lotus Sutra, on page 136-7 there is mentioning of "The law of one form" Here is an exerpt of where this is mentioned by Shakyamuni: "The thus come one knows ...
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Where can I learn more about cita niyama?

In What is the Buddhist point of view of the Law of Attraction? says that law of attraction is part of citta niyama. Where ...
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If we have the law of karma, why do we need other laws, or do we?

Since we have the law of karma then there should be no need for laws or prisons? The law of karma will issue out punishment automatically. So if you murder someone there will be equal consequences ...
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Buddhist teachings on nation building & politics

From what I have read, Buddhism seems provide a practical path to follow in everyday life for a commoner to lead a life with lesser Dukkha and a rigorous path aimed at Monks seeking nirvana. But do ...
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