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What kind of meat Guan yin believer are allowed to eat?

My girlfriend is from a Thai / Chinese familly. They are buddist and they follow the Guan Yin precepts. I know they can't eat beef, but this is not the only meat they refuses to eat. They basicly ...
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Why does Guan Yin ride a dragon?

Someone had once asked here "Why is Kwan Yin riding a sea turtle?", but what I'm more curious about is why is she seen on a dragon? There are many images or the Bodhisattva riding a dragon, one I ...
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7 votes
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Is there a legendary biography of Avalokitesvara/Kwan-Yin/Chenrezig?

I've googled this, but can't find it. I know there is a tradition of writing legendary/mythological/fictional biographies (hagiographies) of monks in the Chinese tradition. Just a few days ago was ...
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Does Kwan Yin hold a place in Theravada Buddhism?

Kwan Yin (a.k.a. Guanyin, Avalokiteśvara) is an important figure in Mahayana Buddhism. But I recently noticed a statue of Kwan Yin on the grounds of a local Theravada monastery. I looked up Kwan Yin ...
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Why is Kwan Yin riding a sea turtle?

And maybe to save two related questions, why does Samantabhadra ride an elephant and Majursri ride a lion? I was meditating with Kwan Yin statute and that was the main distraction, I had no idea why ...
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