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Why does the mind (my mind) continue to deviate to past experiences at any point for no reason

For quite some time now, no matter what innocuous thing I do my mind can randomly wonder to some past experience for no reason at all other than a common bond between the memory and present action or ...
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Tanhā Jālinī Sutta and Self-Views

This answer by Suminda Sirinath S. Dharmasena noted the self-views, in the Tanhā Jālinī Sutta, that promote clinging to a self. I wish here to verify my understanding, namely that these views are ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Seeking scriptural source for "all defilements temporarily suppressed when in jhana"

I've seen statements like "When one is in jhana, all defilements are suppressed temporarily." Is there any scriptural source for this?
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Dispassion in Buddhism

Is something along those lines somewhere to be found in? I am aware of the drawbacks mentioned in MN.19 , but could this way of thinking, that is, the shortness of pleasure not lead to isolation/life ...
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Transforming the three poisons

This collection of Dhamma Lists includes the following, Three Poisons/Defilements (Kilesas – lit. torments of the mind) Greed (lobha) – mindfulness transforms this into Faith Aversion/...
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In simple words, how are body sensations linked to moods and feelings?

My teacher rightly emphasizes that sensations when observed equanimously will lead to eradication of suffering and he is very right. I have noticed a big change. But I just don't get the link between ...
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Are any of the three poisons considered stronger or more difficult to break than the others?

Are any of the three poisons (unwholesome roots) of greed, hatred and delusion considered stronger or more difficult to break than the others. Or are they all seen as equally difficult to break, ...
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