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Any manuals on the development of "sympathetic joy" and or "gladness" apart from Visuddhimagga?

As titled. I wonder if there are other methods of development outlined elsewhere?
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To reach 1st jhana, do we have to let go, or do we have to put some effort?

Recently, I've been reading a lot about the different methods and perspectives for reaching the jhanas. For a long time, the only method I've been using is to "let go" everything, and to use the ...
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Please explain joy and/or the Kimatthiyasutta

Can you explain something about joy? For example it's mentioned in AN 11.1: “But what’s the purpose and benefit of having no regrets?” “Avippaṭisāro pana, bhante, kimatthiyo kimānisaṃso”? “...
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