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Jhāna generally refers to the 8 stages of tranquility (samatha) meditation taught by Gautama Buddha and mentioned in the Pali Canon.

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Does the alayavijnana exist in the formless realms?

Does the alayavijnana exist in the formless realms? Presuably, if we are reborn there. But there is no matter in the formless realms, so my crazy hypothesis for how my mental stream can reoccur ...
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AN 8.30 Great thoughts, thoughts of great man, thing-able, (de-)touch-able for everyone? (thinking in first jhāna)

Coming from here, analysis of AN 8.30. Good, Anuruddha, very good. It’s good that you think these thoughts of a great person: Does good householder think that certain (all) people are capable to ...
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Eyes moving upwards - mild lights - sense of space - pleasure

Hello Beautiful People, I have a quick question. After years of meditating with a mixture of Mahasi and Goenka style, I would like to ask the following. Very often when I sit to mediate, it is a ...
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First jhana and vipassana

In various suttas like SN 35.204 and AN 4.170, we find that both tranquility (samatha) and insight (vipassana) must be developed in most cases, in order to make progress on the path towards complete ...
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While in Jhāna to walk or (reaching) Jhāna is not possible while walking?

How could one come, if any experiances and understanding, to the idea that one in Jhana isn't able to walk, not to speak of to listen and talk? Maybe there is a different between sitting, standing, ...
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