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Where does the story of Assaji being eaten alive come from?

In Osamu Tezuka's manga Buddha, Assaji was eaten alive by wolves or wild dogs. I always thought the manga artist came up with a lot of his own original stories. Because this story and others are not ...
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How is Buddhism structured (in Japan)?

How is Buddhism structured? All I really know if you have lay people, priests, monks, and in some places masters or grand masters (I don't know if these are the same), and there are various different ...
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1 answer

Can anyone explain how 'stimulus / response' appears in Chinese or Japanese Buddhism?

Can anyone explain how 'stimulus / response' appears in Chinese or Japanese Buddhism? What does it mean? I can recall barely nothing about it, but I do know that it features in Zhiyi's work, Chin Fa-...
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2 answers

Did Japanese Buddhists once use sky burial?

In the Chinese Wikipedia article on sky burial, there's a section saying that sky burial is illegal in Japan: 棄屍嫌疑 在某些地方,天葬的行為,可能觸犯遺棄屍體的罪行。 日本 刑法第190條(死体損壊罪) Google translation: ...
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Was the kamikaze against the Mongol empire considered a supernatural event in Buddhism?

The English language edition's article on the original kamikaze (divine wind) against the Mongol empire (not WWII) refers to Buddhism, though it also mentions Japanese "gods". ...1274 and again in ...
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What is the link between calligraphy and Zen?

Often the Zen books I've read such as Zen Mind Beginners Mind are illustrated by calligraphy oftentimes by the author themselves. Also Zen figures such as the hermit and poet Ryokan are also known for ...