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Jainism (/ˈdʒeɪnɪzəm or /ˈdʒaɪnɪzəm), traditionally known as the Jainasāsana or Jainadharma, belongs to the śramaṇa traditions and is one of the oldest Indian religions. It prescribes a path of nonviolence (ahimsa) towards all living beings. Practitioners believe nonviolence and self-control are the means to liberation.

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In what way[s] does Buddhist doctrine agree with or contradict Anekāntavāda?

What do Buddhists - modern day and historical - think of Anekāntavāda? There is this cryptic remark by Dharmakirti: With the differentiation removed, all things have dual nature. Then, if somebody ...
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Why are Buddhist monks not as extreme as Jain monks when it comes to non-violence?

Why are Buddhist monks not as extreme as Jain monks when it comes to non-violence? For example Jain monks sweep the floor in front of them to avoid stepping on insects/microbes. As far as I'm aware, ...
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Can a monk choose to eat only an animal or plant that had died naturally?

If someone hires a person to kill another and the plot is discovered, both the hired killer and the one who hired him will be arrested and imprisoned. Yet, somehow, if a monk eats food given by others,...
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Can everything be explained as the result of Kamma or not?

In his brief introduction to Sivaka Sutta, SN 36:21, Thanissaro Bhikkhu states that the Sutta has been misinterpreted as saying that there are certain things not explainable as the results of Kamma. ...
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Did Buddha ever met Mahavir(Jain GOD)?

Mahavir(Jain GOD) was the contemporary of the Buddha of his time. Buddha did knew some details about Mahavir, Jainism(as its mentioned in the text) & about its own way of enlightenment which he ...
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When is an ideology a religion and not just philosophy, or a way of living?

When does an ideology become a religion rather than just philosophy (which is just a way of living)? Does each has any specific definition? or it depends upon person to person perception?
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Can one follow Hinduism and Buddhism at the same time?

I am born Hindu and have been following Buddhism for more than a year. The change has been a life changing experience but now I find myself at the junction of two religions. I sometimes face ...
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How can anyone who hasn't realised the truth, claim that Mahatma Buddha or any other person in history realised God or the Truth?

Isn't it possible that whatever they have realised is just a psychological effect? Doing continuously hard practices leads to affect their mind and they tend to believe that, yes, this is the truth. ...
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How does the story of General Siha's Meal for the Buddha at Vaisali vindicate the Buddha?

I'm working on a radio history of vegetarianism and featuring a dramatisation of the story of General Siha in the Mahavagga of the Vinaya Pitaka because it shows the difference between Jain (there ...
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Why is only intentional action considered as Karma, which gives rise to corresponding consequences?

Consider a situation (just a silly example) like this: Suppose I'm walking on a road or grass field, and I know there are living beings like ants and other insects lying down on the surface, but I ...
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Jainism vs Buddhism: did Buddhism borrow from Jainism?

I've come across Jainism through looking for texts on Buddhism and I've found there seems a considerable amount of overlap. Did Siddhartha Gautama encounter or study under any Jainist teachers? It ...
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Relation to Jainism

I've read that Jainism is one of the oldest Indian traditions, that Buddhism somewhat derived from it and that at some time they rivaled (I'm not sure if this was a political thing). Can you explain ...
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