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So what is a Buddhist and what makes a person a Buddhist?

In brief Devadatta was Buddha's cousin and a monk. He could fly, tried to kill the Buddha, did many bad things and went to hell. Devadatta did not understand dependent origination correctly; essence ...
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Would Buddhists object if Gautama Buddha were seen as a Prophet by Islam

I recently posted on the Islam site that we (Muslim) could consider Gautama Buddha as a prophet in our sense. I have originally put three different questions here; now I put two separately; under this ...
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How does Buddhism see Islam? [closed]

I am a Muslim living far away from Myanmar. I always hear about the prosecution of Muslims in Myanmar. The Rohingya people are classified by the UN among the most prosecuted minorities in the world. ...
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Can someone be Buddhist and Christian at the same time? [duplicate]

Are there any contradictions between the Catholic Christianity and Buddhism(main stream)? Can someone be a Christian and Buddhist at the same time? I am looking for contradictions. Would you specify ...
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As a Buddhist with a Muslim family, community, and background... how do you integrate/cope?

Coming from an Islamic background and having a community/Sangha that is loyal to the religion of Islam, how do you harmoniously integrate yourself and your Buddhist study and practice with the ...
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