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The relationship of Buddhism and the use of chemical intoxicants. This includes but is not restricted to alcohol, recreational drugs and caffeine.

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“The āsava are the saṅkhāra that are encoded with ignorance [avijjā]”

Given that awakening is accomplished by the destruction of the āsava, understanding what precisely the āsava are (and what they are not) is a key to unraveling the mystery of the Buddha's teaching. At ...
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How did Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche justify drinking alcohol?

How did Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche justify drinking alcohol? How did his students justify his drinking? Is it possible an enlightened being could or would drink alcohol if they had been physically ...
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What's the role/relevance of drugs when Arada taught Buddha?

I quote Andrei from here: Apparently, Buddha's first teacher, Arada Kalama, taught Shukla Dhyana through visualizing oneself in the center of progressively empty context (village --> empty field -->...
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How do different traditions define "intoxicant"?

Since the mapping of Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) began about ten years ago, around 500 new subsatances has been discovered. This is a somewhat different situation than what was the case 2500 ...
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Does the fifth precept refer exclusively to chemical stimulants?

The fifth precept is I undertake the training rule to abstain from fermented drink that causes heedlessness but I have read interpretations that translate it as I undertake to abstain from ...
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As per buddism, how is it possible to leave behind my obsession with drugs?

I don't want to consult any doctor about my obsession. I do not even want to speak about it to my family and friends. I wish to get an answer tailor-made for me about my obsession with getting dead-...
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Were psychedelics used in the past by Buddhists?

I know it's discouraged for Buddhists to intoxicate their body, but were there any known cases of monks using psychedelic drugs intentionally in the past?
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How do taboo acts work in tantra if people don't see the acts as taboo?

Tantric rituals harness the power/engergy of taboo acts by including either actual or visualizations of alcohol, meat and sex into the ritual. In that system, does it still work if people don't ...
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Is it useful to practice intoxicated?

I am aware that drinking is against the fifth precept, but there are certain occasions where I can enjoy a few drinks (few times a month). I read a lot that it is not recommended to meditate purposely ...
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Are there any specific stories or talks where Buddha discussed using mind altering substances other than alcohol?

It goes without saying that alcohol makes you mindless. Theres debate about pot creating conditions for enhanced mindfulness in SOME individuals. My question is not "is it okay". I know what to ...
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Can we reach enlightentment with recreational drugs?

Some drugs, like ecstasy, help build empathy and help our mind see things from a different point of view. What about if meditation is the obsolete ways to see enlightment and perhaps drugs are the ...
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Is moderate drinking acceptable in Buddhism?

I have heard a certain interpretation of the 5th precept and I'm curious about it, the person said that for lay people the 5th precept means "not drinking alcohol to the point you get intoxicated or ...
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Why do users of psychedelic drugs tend to gravitate toward Buddhism and other Eastern philosophies? [closed]

This post was submitted to reddit and I thought it might be interesting to re-post it here. I will now copy and paste the body of text the original poster submitted: "It seems like so many people who ...
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Do all Buddhists abstain from alcohol?

I've been to a nice restaurant (pictured below) where the bar was decorated with statues of the Buddha. Given the 5th precept and all; this seemed a bit odd. Would it be correct to surmise that the ...
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Is drinking coffee or tea against the fifth precept?

The fifth precept most directly guides us to abstain from alcohol. Coffee is a stimulant and probably so is tea. Drinking either beverage affects our mental calm and makes us behave in ways that we ...
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