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Should Buddhists in India celebrate diwali (New moon of November)?

On the occasion of diwali I've to ask, should Indian Buddhists celebrate diwali? Because recently I've read dark history behind diwali: That Tathagata Gautama Buddha had entrusted the team with the ...
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How did ancient Indian Buddhists describe causation vs correlation? Why were they concerned with this?

An important compendium of the ancient Indian philosophical schools - called Sarva-Darsana-Samgraha - was written in India in 14th century CE by Madhvacharya (a non-Buddhist Indian Philosopher) who ...
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4 answers

How would the Buddha have replied to Arjuna, if he was in Krishna's place?

While reading Bhagavad Gita I just wondered what buddha would have done in this situation? It's truly not good to ask such questions they may seem speculative to some but I want probabilities not ...
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What Buddhist babies' names or meaning should be?

My relatives ask me to suggest good names that must be Buddhist. I tried on internet but there are from other culture I want Indian names so what names or meaning should be?
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How to focus on one thing like a monk?

Question : How to focus on one thing like a monk ( ideal one )? Is there a well defined meaning of word " focus " in buddhism? I want to learn the technique through which I can focus on one thing at ...
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Where can I find sources for historical data on Buddhist populations in various regions around the world?

I need some sources regarding the changes in the size of Buddhist populations since the death of Gautama Buddha, e.g. the number of Buddhists in what is modern day India from 410 BC until now, or just ...
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Why did Buddhism declined and then almost extinguished in India? [duplicate]

I am currently exploring why Buddhism declined in my country India. Most of internet sites tell me that it was because of islamic invasion, but then hinduism survived it. In my opinion, it is easy to ...
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Historical works to know why Buddhism diminished from India [duplicate]

I am interested in knowing how buddhism diminished in India. 1 year back, I read this book: But ...
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