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The activities or timings of Buddhist holidays or festivals. These can be specific to a Buddhist tradition or culture.

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Is it acceptable for Buddhists to celebrate Santa Claus at Chistmas?

I'm a lay Buddhist and it's almost Christmas, and I would like to know if it is acceptable for Buddhists to celebrate Santa Claus. I have children and want them to be happy. Does anyone know the ...
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Bodhi day celebration, is it universally on December 8th or do some Mahayana buddhists use a lunar calendar?

National Public Radio's Buddhists Prepare To Observe Bodhi Day, When Siddhartha Gautama Became Buddha article and podcast begins: These winter holidays are a time for fellowship, joy and, for ...
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Celebrate Christmas

Is it wrong when Buddhist celebrate Christmas? I definitely shocked when I saw a monk facebook's status then he wrote that we do the wrong thing when we celebrate Christmas. Is that true?
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Is the Chinese/Lunar New Year a Buddhist religious holiday?

In the New Jersey State Board of Education's List of Religious Holidays Permitting Student Absence from School, the Chinese/Lunar New Year (Feb 19, 2015) is listed as a "Confucian/Daoist/Buddhist" ...
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Does any modern Buddhist tradition use a Gregorian holiday schedule?

Have any modern Buddhist organization adopted the Gregorian calendar for celebrating Buddhist holidays? Last time I tried to find something simple as Vesak or some of the other common Buddhist ...
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How is Uposatha practiced in non Buddhist countries?

Uposatha (a.k.a. Poya Day) is the traditional Buddhist observance day. Observances vary but one traditional pattern is to celebrate this day on the lunar calendar on each of four moon events; the new ...
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Buddhist Holidays & Gifts

Are any Buddhist holidays associated with gift giving? If so, which holidays and what types of gifts are customarily given?
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Days of Worship

I understand Buddhists don't technically worship, but pray to the Buddha or meditate (apologies for any mistakes). My question is: do Buddhists have a certain number of times a day to worship/pray/...
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