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Does the alayavijnana exist in the formless realms?

Does the alayavijnana exist in the formless realms? Presuably, if we are reborn there. But there is no matter in the formless realms, so my crazy hypothesis for how my mental stream can reoccur ...
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Are Heaven(s) and Hell(s) literal? How do we know that they're real & actually exist?

I'm very close to becoming a Buddhist, of some strand of Mahayana, but I am having some difficulties with the concept of Heaven(s) and Hell(s). I already know that some such as Hakuin Ekaku of the ...
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Progressive rebirth from one heaven to a higher heaven

Can devas in heavenly realms do good deeds and get a rebirth in other higher heavens and progress successively from one higher heaven to other? Preferably, from Mahayana Buddhist or Theravada Buddhist ...
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Spirits and heaven

My two pet cats recently died in my rental house. Long story short, we sold our old home but we have no where to move yet so we rented a property while our new house is being built. Before I ask my ...
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Lord Yama's identity

I've been reading up on cosmology and am curious if Lord Suyama of Yama heaven and Lord Yama as judge of the recently deceased are the same figure. The latter is often said to reside in either the ...
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Devas' Mortality

As I understand, there is an acknowledgement of the expected lifespan within the respective deva worlds, though this differs among traditions. I'm curious if there's any textual reference to devas' ...
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Is there any God or Satan in Buddhism? Is there any heaven or hell in Buddhism?

Every religion has a God and Satan, heaven and hell. Religion by definition means deification of a Supreme Being or worship of any deity. Monotheistic religions, like Islam and Christianity, have a ...
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Different interpretations of the 6 realms

What are the psychological and metaphorical interpretations of the 6 realms and why are they significant to some Buddhists but not others?
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How does one become a "Māra"?

I am not asking for an explanation on the whole "What is a Mara?" question. What i'm asking about is the being mentioned in Buddhism who has the command over all normal beings, the one who came ...
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Heaven and Hell in Buddhism

I need to understand some concept about Buddhism. Does Buddhists believe on after live of Paradise and Hell? What are the belief of Buddhists regarding this?
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Why would anyone ever want to go to the heavens?

References to a rebirth in the heavenly realms seems to be viewed in a positive light in Buddhism. It's easy to see why it would be considered more favorable than a rebirth in the hell realms of ...
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Is it possible to destroy the rupa heavens?

This may sound like an unusual question, but - is it possible in theory to destroy the rupa heavens - not by avoiding rebirth there, but for other sentient beings? Not the tusita heaven - which I ...
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Where did the belief about monks' mothers going to heaven come from?

Some people believe that in Buddhism when the mother of a monk dies she would hold on to the monk's robe and go to heaven. I never read the Buddha say anything like that, but of course I haven't ...
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