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Does an Arahant or Buddha still like music they liked as a lay person?

Do Arahants or Buddhas still enjoy music they liked as lay people? Can anyone share their thoughts on why enlightened beings would or would not enjoy the music they used to listen to when they were ...
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Is unhappiness/happiness something more then negative/positive feeling?

How do Buddhists account for unhappiness without negative vedana? Is there no way to do so except future feeling (and so moral agency) and enlightenment? e.g. while there's a lot of things I want to ...
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Where does the Buddha say, There is no happiness without calm?

Where in the canon does the Buddha say, There is no happiness without calm? I've heard the statement only second hand, and paraphrased.
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Waiting vs Acting?

What does Buddhism say about waiting vs acting? For some context, I quit my corporate job a year ago because it felt so much against my skin to be working for aggressive profit. Since then I have ...
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Making a true promise "on the dharma"

Is making a true promise, on the dharma, good karma? Not asking about the precepts per se, but it was about precept centred behaviour (a lack of infidelity etc. from me): and now I feel blissed out, ...
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Happiness and Karma

I suddenly thought of a question... If one often feels unhappy, stress, uncontented, negativity, does it mean this person has bad karma? Is there a way to improve the situation so that the person can ...
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