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Should one be practicing restraint or be practicing mindfulness?

Not that the two are mutually exclusive, but many Theravada teachers warn against practicing restraint in the commonly understood sense of the word. For example, if I understand correctly, Yuttadhammo ...
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How things become easier when we do things continuously / repeatedly?

What are habits, and why do they stick? Lord Buddha said that we even bring habits into next lives. Why does that happen? How come it is powerful enough to continue from life to life? There are some ...
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samatha after vipassana

Can one correctly practice anapanasati when one is very used to Mahasi vipassana? How? Why? Can one correctly practice vipassana when one is very used to anapanasati or any other samatha practice?...
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Is craving unskilful because it fuels craving?

For most people it's not readily discernible why sense pleasures are unsatisfactory. In general, a lot of people know intellectually that sense pleasures are impermanent, and that virtuous thinking &...
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Suttas which explain how to deal with unwholesome habits

Are there any suttas where the Buddha gives advice how to change one's behaviours, like eating addiction, mindless eating, addiction to entertainment, laziness and all that? Basically giving in into ...
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What, if anything, do the texts say about habits versus mindulfness?

SUMMARY (Note: I searched the group before posting and although there are several questions about habits, none are asking about this specific point. This is close, but it's not the same (and it's ...
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How is it possible to change habits cultivated over lifetimes

If one has cultivated a habit for countless lifetimes, how is it possible to reverse such habit? Is it possible at all? Is that person entirely at the mercy of external factors? (are we ever not ...
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What are habits in buddhism?

How are habits seen in buddhism - how are they explained ? read now about habit making - and would love to hear users views on habits - and what they see habits as And what people think about ...
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What is the difference between a habit and an addiction?

Is it related to practice meditation ? Can I say that our respected individuality is a kind of 'self accepted and adopted' addiction ?
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What is the best way to develop a mind observation habit?

Different spiritual traditions, including, but not limited to Buddhism, emphasize that it is important to always keep in mind that one's thoughts and emotions do not constitute the essence of a person....
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Mindfulness and mental habits

When we practice mindfulness we notice our mental habit and mental pattern. What makes us angry, jealous, greedy, etc.. My question is, when you notice them, do you change it to positive mental ...
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Do our habits prevent us from seeing things as they really are?

Each phenomenon (how impersonal and indifferent it is) is always looking to sustain itself. Am I right when I say that—in the same way—our habit patterns are obstacles that prevent/hinder us from ...
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