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What is meant by Guru?

I often hear this word and I think I have some doubts because in Hinduism Jupiter is called Guru. So maybe I could be misunderstanding. What do lamas mean when they say guru? Could Shree Ganesha be my ...
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What exactly is 'empowerment' and 'lung'?

Sometimes, gurus will perform empowerment ceremonies or give lung in-person (or more recently, online) to recite a certain mantra or practice a certain deity. Sometimes this comes with samaya vows. ...
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Is there anything like mahamudra without guru yoga

I am attracted to the idea of meditating upon the mind as a path to liberation, as I understand is emphasized in mahamudra. However, I dislike the idea of guru yoga, or meditating in reverence or ...
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Could anyone explain: (1) What are the advantages of practicing Guru Yoga? (2) Why (or What are the reasons) practicing Guru Yoga has such advantages?

The question is just the title. Moreover, AFAIK, currently there are 2 editions of the 14th Dalai Lama Guru Yoga. (1) "The Source of All Attainments: The Yoga of the Inseparability of the Guru ...
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*"... not the physical lama, ... but your own nature of mind ... That's the real lama ..."* Is that actually a concept in vajrayana?

In a recent comment in a blog I've read the following remark: "(...) Not the physical lama, not anything or anyone outside of yourself, but your own nature of mind, the true nature of reality. ...
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Why did Tsongkhapa list guru devotion first in his Lamrim while Atisha did not?

Lama Atisha famously brought the teachings of Nalanda back to Tibet and authored his famous, A Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment upon which the new translation schools were founded. This seminal text ...
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Any living teachers claim to be able to attain vajrasamadhi?

Are there any living teachers who claim to be able to attain vajrasamadhi? Apologies if looking for a guru questions are off-topic here. Is there any way to verify if they have done so, according to ...
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