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Permission of your parents in your renunciation

I have thought about this since a long time, and now I am ready for renunciation, accept teachings and practise Buddhism in a monastery. I told my parents about these future plans. They said they were ...
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Should we care about what others think?

Should we care about what others think? If so, to what level? (Most of the time, those thoughts creates suffering).
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Where can one find guidance from a teacher next year in 2018?

Where on Earth or online are future retreats or classes for an insight practitioner to get Dhamma guidance and/or guidance through some version of the stages of insight meditation? Are there teachers ...
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Can I plan for future while doing meditation on death?

Buddha said about meditation on death : "Even if a person aware about his death can be happen within that day is late. If someone thinks, his death can be happen within current breath is not late". ...
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