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Is nirvana just a checkpoint in an eternal journey?

Life in this world has been amazing. I was amazed by this world growing up travelling to amazing places seeing hills, mountains and what not. Then the tech boom that got me addicted. And the amazing ...
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Is Nirvana the goal, for Zen and Theravada?

What is the main goal for Theravada Buddhism and Zen Buddhism? Is it Nirvana for both or is there any additional differences? Can the answer be detailed because this is an assignment and I am trying ...
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Why does Buddhism seem to have more than one goal?

Why do some Buddhists regard nirvana as an important goal while other want better rebirth? Do all Buddhists have the same goal and if not why?
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Is it possible to make an oath to control one's actions?

Can a person decide to do X action and be able to do it forever... from a mental point of view - if physically he can do that action? What I'm trying to say is many times I decided to not do ...
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Not getting what one wants as a good thing or something to be thankful

I understand that craving stuff leads us to suffering (Second Noble truth) and that getting what we think we want won't lead to happiness. However, is there any explicit indication that it's even ...
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accepting what i have vs. making plans for better future - good or bad?

i saw an answer here that i liked: ... Of course we have all these grand ideas about the great business we want to open, or the great way we could help people, or other visions of great ...
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