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Why didn't the Buddha mention about the omniscience of "future of other beings", in suttas?

In many suttas, the Buddha affirms his omniscience about the past of all the beings. Why didn't the Buddha say something about his omniscience about the future of all the beings, in suttas?
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How to develop fortitude?

Specifically when someone you love or whose opinion matters to you greatly attacks your way of life, your beliefs, or even on a smaller scale just makes you feel ignored, pushed around, etc. I find I ...
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Can Buddhism be fundamentalist?

Is it fundamentalism if Buddhists believe Buddha's path is the only path, and that all other spiritual traditions or sects are false? And if so, does it exist much in Buddhism? By fundamentalism, I ...
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Do buddhists fall in love?

I'm new to the concept of Buddhism, and am failing to understand perhaps something very basic. I understand that one is not expected to hold anything close or dear as it is impermanent and could ...
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What is Dharma?

I have read that Dharma refers to reality as-is (in this wikipedia article). I have also read that it refers to the teachings of the Buddha. Does Dharma refer to both these things? The former seems ...
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Buddhism and the surrounding environment

EDIT At the request of yuttadhammo and Lanka, i am attempting to focus the question. Please let me know if it still remains unclear. The environment is full of daily encounters through the physical,...
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What is the proper understanding of "taking refuge" in Buddhism?

Many years ago, a Zen Roshi said in a class that "nobody else is your boss except for you. Only you can make the decision and apply yourself to practice, nobody else can." So, I've heard this many ...
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What are the Four Noble Truths?

What are they? Where are they found in the literature? Are there any significant differences in them among the traditions?
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