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If anatta is a reality, then how do you explain Volition or Will?

I'm just trying to understand the concept of anatta better here. Buddhism tells me there is the concept of no-self (anatta), and even the so called conditional self is actually an illusion that arises ...
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5 answers

What's Buddhism view on choice, choicelesness and causality?

You see, there is only one constant, one universal, it is the only real truth: causality. Action. Reaction. Cause and effect. (...) Choice is an illusion, created between those with power, and those ...
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Did I do more harm than good?

I was out walking today when my eyes were intially attracted to a butterfly that was on the ground to my right. I stopped to have a quick look at it to notice that it couldnt' fly very well. I picked ...
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Predetermined future vs. Free will in Buddhism

In Buddhism we are encouraged to make the right choices, make the right effort, keep morality etc. it feels like our future is open. Kamma also points to that direction. The future will be created ...
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Does the universe ever end?

I have meditated and come to the conclusion that the world never ends, that conciousness goes on infinitely. This was ok when I felt I had free will, when I believed I was helping other people, when I ...
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5 votes
11 answers

Is there a conflict between dependent origination and right effort?

My current understanding of dependent origination is that things cause other things to arise and cease and ultimately it a big interconnected web of influences. If that's reasonably correct (on a ...
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Is Buddhism Free will or Determinism

What is the position of Buddhism in regards to free will and Determinism? What would be the correct position of Buddhism and could you use an analogy to describe to me the correct view of Buddhism ...
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4 votes
5 answers

What allows to make a choice

For example, the body has the choice to walk on path A or B. Before the body starts walking, there must be thoughts of path A and B. There must also be a (mental?) decision/choice made to walk on one ...
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What are Buddhist views about free will? Does the concept of free will vs determinism even apply? Is it a question with a wrong assumption? [duplicate]

There are mainly 3 western views: Free Will is real & I believe in it. Free Will is an illusion but I live my life assuming it is real because it is a healthy assumption. A compatibilist that ...
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In Buddhism what is 'the will'?

Is there a Buddhist concept that maps to the western concept of the will? For instance the will to get up on a morning, to go to work, practice Buddhism etc... One of my teachers said that it is just ...
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Why will-power could not be used to regulate kaya , vedana and citta?

I found the below from the book Mindfulness with Breathing: A Manual for Serious Beginners The Thai word ...
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The extent of free will

To what extent does Buddhism state we have free will and moral responsibility for our actions? Does Karma mean our future is predestined?
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5 answers

Is Enlightment ultimatelly up to you (Karma and Freewill)?

According to the traditional Buddhist dogma the fourth noble truth or eight-fold path is the way to attain Enlightenment then again some sects in Buddhism accept karma as a factor. Not knowing (gnosis)...
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6 answers

How does the self-doer of AN 6.38 not conflict with anatta?

The third mark of existence states sabbe dhamma anatta - all phenomena is not self. Despite that, the following sutta states that there is a self-doer (attakārī). Also, this implies free will. How is ...
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"For a person whose past,present and future are the same" from Dhammapada

With reference to the title of the question, I would like to know if the person blessed or under a curse if for him the past, present, and future are the same? If by unlawful acts he is elevated to a ...
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"Free will" or just 'will' ? [closed]

The term "free will" can imply that one's will is without causes. But whenever we make a decision, it always has causes. ex: If you have just enough money to buy either an apple or a chocolate for a ...
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Predestination in Buddhism

Obviously we are, according to the lotus sutra, all destined to be buddhas, but in this life, whether or not there is free will, when someone does something ugly, then were they already latently that ...
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