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What do the Four Great Elements refer to?

The Four Great Elements quite literally translate to Earth, Wind (Air), Fire, Water. It is often taught that these are really descriptions of first person experience, and the monikers are just ...
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Did Buddha know the properties and behaviour of the matter fully?

How did Buddha fully understood the world and proclaimed it without the knowledge of all experiments of science? Was his knowledge about the properties and the behavior of matter limited? Thanks.
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Why are there so many fire incidents happening around the world?

Recently there was fire in Australia and before that there was fire in USA. In India fire incidents keep happening. My question is given the fact fire is a natural element, what causes such fire ...
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What kind of mental state does the meditation on four elements generate?

In the Maha-satipatthana Sutta (DN22), the mindfulness about the elements is taught: “There are in this body, the earth element, the water element, the fire element, the wind element.” Just ...
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Anapanasati with Dhatu Manasikara

In Maha-Rahulovada Sutta monk Rahula asks the Buddha for instructions on developing Anapanasati. The Buddha didn't directly give instructions to him of Anapanasaati but instead, gives instructions on ...
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A better translation of four elements

In English translation, the four elements are translated as Earth Fire Air Water Instead, if they are translated as below solidity - the state of being solid with hardness and softness. Heat - ...
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Four great elements : what is the other 2 elements?

I have heard about "Mahabhutha" as 4 elements but in few occasions as 6 elements with the addition of "Akasha" & "Vijñāna". Can someone explain why there is a difference and how they connect with ...
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