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Mental factors that hinder progress in meditation. The five hindrances are sensual desire, ill will, sloth/torpor, anxiety and doubt

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During jhana do you eliminate all hindrance at once?

Are you suppose to try and eliminate all the hindrances at once or slowly elimate them one by one? If this is the case are you suppose to eliminate them slowly in one meditation session or slowly rid ...
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How come enlightened people don't have any laziness?

I just heard that enlightened people have zero laziness. How is it possible? What is "laziness" ? What is the connection between laziness and ego/desire? Edit: Also that monk said: "Laziness is ...
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How to "attend to the perception of light"?

In AN 7.58, the Buddha instructed Maha Moggallana on what do to about his nodding: "But if by doing this you don't shake off your drowsiness, then attend to the perception of light, resolve on the ...
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How is it possible to change habits cultivated over lifetimes

If one has cultivated a habit for countless lifetimes, how is it possible to reverse such habit? Is it possible at all? Is that person entirely at the mercy of external factors? (are we ever not ...
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I meditate first think in the morning and every morning i have to face sloth and torpor.When i face sloth and torpor i make a mental note and i can see how is impermanent and uncontrollable and after ...
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Best meditation techniques (mindfulness,vipassana,yoga,zazen,TM,etc) to beat behavioral addictions (food,sex,porn,gambling,internet,videogames,etc)?

For a layman who wants to overcome behavioral addictions (i.e. any "addiction that involves a compulsion to engage in a rewarding non-drug-related behavior – sometimes called a natural reward", such ...
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Why are desires in The Five Hindrances only about "sensual" desires?

The five hindrances consist of sensual desires. ill-will, sloth and torpor, restlessness and doubt. I have often wondered why the first hindrance are limited to sensual desires as this is leaving out ...
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Three questions about sensual desire

If music is a sensual desire , what's wrong with that? Sensual desire is described as the first of the five hindrances. What I am a little perplexed by is the stance of Buddhism on the positive ...
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How to use Sloth and Torpor as an object for meditation

The Satipatthana Sutta details the use of the sloth and torpor hindrance as an object for mindfulness meditation. Does anyone have any practical advice, either of a personal nature or from an ...
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Which Hindrances are counteracted or enhance by the 37 and Jhana Factors?

If you take Jhana factors or the 37 Factors, many of them counteract one of the Hindrances. So if these factors (and perhaps other factors mentioned in the Tripitaka) are grouped with the hindrance ...
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Anger management - How to manage bad temper?

Is there any meditation techniques that we can used to manged Bad Temper. As I know it is possible to manage angers by observing it as "feeling angry.., feeling angry!". However the problem is with ...
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Sati-Sampajañña (Mindfulness)

Hello folks I have some questions on mindfulness. How do I maintain mindfulness in stressed or high stimulus environments? It's easy at home and when I do my things alone but once I'm at work (...
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