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This refers to the first turning of the wheel of Dharma.

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Why did the Buddha not answer Vacchagotta (SN 44.10), but did answer the monks (MN 140)?

It has been said that the reason the Buddha did not answer Vacchagotta was because the discussion was not about the doctrine & terminology of the Buddha, but rather about the illogical doctrine of ...
2 votes
2 answers

What did the Buddha mean in MN 140 about what happened to clansman Pukkusāti after a cow killed him?

Bhikkhu, ‘I am’ is a conceiving; ‘I am this’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall be’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall not be’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall be possessed of form’ is a conceiving; ‘I shall be formless’ is a ...