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For religiously motivated reduction of eating, particularly not eating after noon and more stringent longer fasts. Sometimes used synonymously with vegetarianism in Mahayana Buddhism.

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Is fasting good or bad?

Got interested after seeing benefits of intermediate fasting in retreats from noon (more energy more time) - but started to read about benefits of longer fasts now (24 hours - 28 days) But there ...
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Practical advice on not eating after noon

My question is mainly to monks and nuns in this group, but I welcome answers from others as well. If one were to give up eating solid food after the midday, as instructed by the Buddha to his ...
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What to do for fasting on full moon?

From this coming full moon I've to start fasting and keep it on, so what I've to practice on this day ?
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Why is fasting allowed in Buddhism?

One of the answers to this question 'Is there a tradition or practice involving fasting in Buddhism or Buddhist countries?' says that fasting is followed by Tibetan Buddhists. Why is fasting allowed ...
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Buddhist Equivalent to Prayopavesa (resolving to die through fasting) [duplicate]

In Hinduism, when a person is old, bed-ridden and fulfilled all their obligations, they are able to fast to death to end their life. This is called prayopavesa and is an acceptable practice in India. ...
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Is there a tradition or practice involving fasting in Buddhism or Buddhist countries?

Many religions have period or specific practice including fasting. I'm aware of the eating prescriptions of monks, but are there traditions or practices involving fasting for Lay-people? If not in ...
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