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Faith (Pāli: saddhā, Sanskrit: śraddhā) is an initial acceptance of the Buddha's teaching prior to realising its truth for oneself. It is an important constituent element of all traditions of Buddhism, although the kind and nature of faith changes in the different schools. Other translations of saddhā/śraddhā include confidence and trust.

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What are the differences/similarities in the concept of faith as used in Buddhism and Christianity?

There is the concept of faith (śraddhā) in Buddhism. There is also the concept of faith found in Christianity. Both concepts have been translated into the English word faith but in what ways are the ...
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Mental illness: can Dhamma, meditation help?

Can people with poor mental health not just benefit from meditation, but realize its goals?
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How Does Buddhism Handle Internal Conflict

Few years ago, family put matrimonial ad in newspaper in India. We thought we selected nice person, but turns out he was abusive, unfaithful, and only wanted green card. Worse, he made me have ...
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Loss of "faith" in buddhism

I've never had any religion throughout my childhood and adolescence, and at the age of 18 I had my first contacts with buddhism; It seemed fascinating, and I kept reading about all the things I could ...
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Losing my religion, and shikantaza

I was raised in a secular family, went to CofE church a little as a young child, but only to support my mum. Actually I'm way more drawn to Nietzsche now than Christianity, though I cannot see any ...
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Balancing, renewing or gaining Faith

So I was reading about jhana and nimitta in a book by Pa-Auk tawya sayadaw here page 41 if anyone wants to read. Where I come across this: To balance faith with wisdom, and concentration with effort, ...
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What did the Buddha mean in AN 5.38 with the fifth benefit to a person of faith?

What did the Buddha mean in AN 5.38. when he said: “Mendicants, a faithful gentleman gets five benefits. What five? The good persons in the world show compassion first to the faithful, not so much to ...
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In regard of what or whom are you loyal?

Ven. Members of the Sangha (of Bhikkhus), Ven. fellows, valued Upasaka and Upasika, dear readers and interesed, This question is intellectual and theoretical, or literary, but also/merely inviting ...
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