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Buddhism on We are all one

As explained here Buddhism does no belong into pantheism because God can be interpreted no as oneness but a creation of the mind as the fourth aggregate explains (eg. "an invisible man who lives in ...
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Is the existence of life & teaching Dhamma a form of attachment?

I read the following comment on the internet (reference): By existing you are attached to this reality. If I die then I won't exist according to Buddhism. Therefore I won't be attached to reality. ...
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Why is 'dukkha' included in one of the three marks of existence?

In this link and this link the Buddha says that "there is stress" (or suffering or whatever your preferred translation of dukkha is). The Buddha does not say that suffering (dukkha) is ...
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Buddha's Teachings on Life's Purpose and Existence

I have been ruminating about some existential questions...."what is purpose of life"...."is there a creator"..."what is the best work for a mortal to undertake in their ...
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What are the boundaries of existence and non-existence in Buddhism?

We find plenty of similar discussions in the Theravada tradition, cf. (for example) kv6.1 or kv5.5 kv5.5 In my answer to the following ...
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Is Buddha Nature the original state, i.e. Awareness/ Consciousness without Existence?

Existence, Consciousness, Bliss is described as Brahman by Vedanta but surely that only applies when viewed through the veil of Maya and experienced as the universe. As awareness/ consciousness is ...
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In Yogacara Buddhism, is discontinuity an illusion, and does change arise?

Buddhists talk about discontinuity ordinary consciousness consists of the discrete cetas and illusion all is illusion and the external objects are nothing but the creations of our mind In ...
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