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2 votes
5 answers

Waiting vs Acting?

What does Buddhism say about waiting vs acting? For some context, I quit my corporate job a year ago because it felt so much against my skin to be working for aggressive profit. Since then I have ...
1 vote
1 answer

Any manuals on the development of "sympathetic joy" and or "gladness" apart from Visuddhimagga?

As titled. I wonder if there are other methods of development outlined elsewhere?
2 votes
4 answers

Most efficient (timewise) meditation techniques to experience joy and bliss?

If meditation techniques were ranked by how quickly they can instill and develop the feelings of joy and bliss within oneself, which ones would be ranked at the top and why?
1 vote
4 answers

A practice built on positive incentive?

I am thinking about making a practice based on enjoyment to help gain motivation to do stuff - a positive incentive but not sure how to do it (or even if i should do it) - all tips appreciated ...