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Misunderstanding of the Buddha’s words on karma

I have often seen the Anguttara Nikaya 4.77 being quoted as in this post against pondering on the precise workings of karma. My question: is there a misunderstanding of the Buddha’s words thus ...
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About svasaṃvedana (reflexive awareness) and having bodhicitta

What is your view regarding svasaṃvedana? Do you accept or deny (the existence of) svasaṃvedana?ṃvedanaṃvedana Can a ...
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Can brain injured people progress in meditation?

I don't mean disrespect to anyone else with this question, I'm asking on my own behalf as someone with neurological & psychological problems caused by a brain injury at a young age. I know all ...
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When will a Buddhist accept doing analysis?

As the core goal of Buddhism is to cease sufferings, any task that not relevant to it will be unawarely ignored, and any task that hindering it will be strongly rejected. Analysis/intellect can either ...
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Why does it hard to ask other Buddhists to do analysis, rather than advising me to stop analyzing?

From I explain why I prefer discuss Buddhism intellectually but others don't seem to accept my point. Why is that?, I get that Buddhist goal is not only to get wisdom, but as a practice for "...
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