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How can killing of Muslims by Buddhists in Myanmar be justified? [duplicate]

Considering whatever atrocities Muslims did (I don't know if they did any) or are going to do, is killing Muslims the only solution the Myanmar Buddhists could adopt? Is it wise? Is violence ...
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Can we be sensously aware without consciousness?

I wondered (after this thread) what Buddhists have said about this question. Can anyone, monks, Buddhas, ordinary people, be aware of a sensation without consciousness of it? And moreover to link it ...
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The thorny issue of anatta

(English is not my mother tongue, sorry in advance if I make mistakes) I recently read Thanissaro Bhikkhu's writings [1] [2] on anatta and although I found his arguments persuasive I am still ...
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Is the conventional self "conventional" in the same way as dharmas are?

Is the conventional self "conventional" in the same way as dharmas are? So if the conventionality of dharmas means that they arise and disappear each moment, or that they don't exist from ...
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