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What is the meaning of 'compounded' & 'uncompounded'?

Some texts speak of 'compounded' phenomena etc. What does it mean for something to be 'compounded' or 'uncompounded'? For the former, does it just mean 'things that are composed of other things, ...
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Is the word 'real' synonymous with 'exists' in Buddhist doctrine?

Are these two words synonymous? Is everything that exists, real? Is everything real, an existent? What is a proper relationship between the words "real" and "exists" in the context ...
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Definition of Dukkha [duplicate]

What is the precise meaning of the word "dukkha", often translated as "suffering" in Buddhism? Is it correct to say that Buddhism gives a method to get rid of all sufferings, ...
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What is an "enlightening being"?

Thomas Cleary uses the term "enlightening being" extensively in his translation of the Avatamsaka Sutra. This term isn't defined in the glossary of that book, or in my copy of The Princeton ...
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Is it true that enlightenment is equivalent with perfect knowledge?

It seems to me that there is a popular and strong belief that if you reach enlightenment, and thus have four immeasurables, you can help a person without making them feel extra suffering or fighting ...
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