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Does Buddhism have a notion of providence leading unbelievers?

Whenever an unbeliever starts inquiring regarding Buddhism or the Buddha's teaching, do Buddhists see this as providence leading the unbeliever to Buddha's faith or something else? Does Buddhism's ...
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Is it possible to be Buddhist by nature, or only by indoctrination?

Lately I've been wondering if I (or someone, any person) is religious, agnostic, etc., by nature.
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Is it possible to become a buddhist without a formal teacher?

I was reading a particular question about conversion. This particular answer discusses how one converts to become a buddhist: How does conversion work in Buddhism? First of all, there isn't one ...
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How does conversion work in Buddhism?

I am a Hindu, but I like Buddhism. How does that work? Does one need to convert to practice Buddhism? If so, how does one convert to Buddhism? Can anyone convert to Buddhism? Or can I just practice ...
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How does one become a lay Buddhist?

I'm well aware that there are many different types of Buddhism, so I'm looking for the fortune-cookie sized description of the various kinds of induction/process/rituals/ceremony involved for the lay ...
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