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What is the source of this information about "underground serpents"?

I've seen this glossary entry in a couple of places: Hīnayāna: “Inferior Vehicle,” a pejorative term, coined by a group who called themselves followers of the Mahāyāna, the “Great Vehicle,” to denote ...
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What do you regard as noteworthy differences in the popular pali to english translations?

What do you regard as noteworthy differences in the popular pali to english translations of the Sutta?
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What are your thoughts on Ajahn Maha Bua?

Shedding Tears in Amazement of the Dhamma I am posting this because I've yet to post a question. I should note that I respect Ajahn Maha Bua a lot. In fact, both of my teachers were students of his. ...
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gratitude towards & repaying the debt to one's parents

Consider these two texts: the part that contains: Mother & father, compassionate to their family, are called ...
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Doubting the quick attainments of the Mahasi Tradition

I have noticed that a lot of Mahasi practitioners seem to reach sotopanna very quickly. What is the difference from other methods of Buddhist Meditation and the Mahasi Method, relative to the apparent ...
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Confused about partner's practices. Need advice

My partner has an active interest in Buddhism and I have been confused about his state of mind for two years. Kindly help us out. The past two years have been a depression time for my family and ...
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Is there any authenticity to the book 'The Deathbed Sutra of the Buddha: Or Siddhartha's Regrets'?

I found this book in a local bookstore and went online to research it. I could not find much reference to it. The author, George C. Adams Jr., purports to have been given a lost sutra of the Buddha, ...
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Celibacy and contradiction with modern medical science

Buddhism stress on Celibacy at the same time insists on revoking everything that could not be proved by scientific method or rational thought. I am a graduate student of physics and I found that ...
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Ledi Sayadaw Raised a Few Points in Contrary to the Commentaries. What are They?

Initially some of the writings of Ledi Sayadaw were considered to be controversial and they differed from the commentaries. What were the points that differed?
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Sūkarakhata sutta and the "arahants seeking benefits they already have"

I stumbled across this sutta yesterday (SN 48.58) with a dialogue between the Buddha and Sariputta, which has the following passage: Considering what benefit, Sariputta, does a bhikkhu whose taints ...
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How can one relate Buddhism epistemology of Thought and Attention to its Western counterpart? [closed]

There are at least two possibilities, and no doubt many more besides. The first one turns around the Cartesian dictum, "Cogito ergo sum", "I think therefore I am". René Descartes got off to a ...
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Why are Jhanas controversial?

I have heard that some teachers do not teach the Jhanas, others do. Yuttadhammo mentions the great debate about Jhanas. What is the controversy about? Whether they are useful towards realizing Nibbana/...'s user avatar