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Over control and energy dissipation

As a beginner, after 3 months of quiet intensive meditation, i feel exhausted. And I understand that it’s linked to my relation with every type of duty during my life. Studying, working, relations or ...
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Do monks sneeze and cough?

Sneezing and coughing are voluntary reactions provoked by viruses in order to propagate and reach as many hosts as possible. If a person has a high sense of control of his or her own reactions, they ...
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Responsibility in Buddhism

If nothing can be considered 'myself' or 'mine', if nothing is in my complete control (take volition for example), how can people be held responsible for their thoughts, words and deeds, if they are ...
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Can the mind be trained to maintain equanimity in the face of compulsive urges/cravings (without giving in / acting out)?

Are there any practices or habits that one can employ, either frequently or on a daily basis, to train one's mind to remain still and equanimous in the face of compulsive urges or cravings, without ...
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effectivness of removing triggers for temptations?

what is the effectiveness of removing triggers for temptations (food, entertainment etc ) ? i for example took apart the stationary (to avoid watch youtube videos for example for fun) computer i ...
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Is it possible to make an oath to control one's actions?

Can a person decide to do X action and be able to do it forever... from a mental point of view - if physically he can do that action? What I'm trying to say is many times I decided to not do ...
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