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How do I do "contemplation of death" meditation? And is it dangerous?

How do I do "contemplation of death" meditation? And is it dangerous? Because I read it might cause someone to commit suicide, so how do I make sure I won't reach that situation? And how exactly ...
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Is contemplation of death auto-suggestion?

Is doing contemplation of death auto-suggestion to meditate ? is it working on my subconsciousness ? maybe i should just do auto suggestion telling my self many times to meditate - maybe its more ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Being at peace with mental phenomena

In an answer to Non-attachment as object of meditation, there was an interesting idea that the essence of many advanced practices is to be at peace with whatever happens in your phenomenal field - ...
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Anusati vs Bhavana

If we take meditation objects like caganusati, silanusati, buddhanusati, maranasati etc. we can clearly see that all of them require active and sustained thought, however so does metta bhavana or ...
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