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Teachings on truthfulness

In MN 61 the Buddha teaches his young son the importance of being truthful.  This is an amazing sutta! So wise, and yet so elegant and straightforward, that even a seven-year-old can learn something ...
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Do "conditioned" and "conventional" mean the same thing in Buddhism?

By "conventional" I think those are the things created by human conventions, that are all imaginary. By "conditioned" I think those are things that came from another thing or ...
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How is Nirvana possible if everything is conditioned?

Through reading books on Buddhism I get the idea that existence is conditioned. The faculties (mind, consciousness, etc.) through which we try to attain Nirvana are also conditioned. So, how is it ...
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Can we meet the conditions of good feeling again and again?

All our feelings depend on conditions... it is said that conditions are impermanent.... is it possible for us to create conditions for us to have good feelings forever ? If not , why ? I am not saying ...
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3 marks of existence: conditioned vs unconditioned things?

The Wikipedia page for "the 3 marks of existence" differentiates between "conditioned things" and "unconditioned things" like so: The three marks are: sabbe saṅkhārā ...
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What is meant by the impossibility "A Buddha can not help someone not related to him"?

What is meant by the impossibility "A Buddha can not help someone not related to him, no relative of him"? Is said to be one of the three things a/the Buddha can not do. How should that be understood?...
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Is Jhana considered dukkha and/or conditioned?

Is the experience of jhana considered dukkha because of its impermanence? If yes, is it still considered dukkha after attaining Nibbana? Is the experience of jhana conditioned? Is it still considered ...
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Sutta Reference - Sound and musical instruments metaphors in the Suttas

I am looking for a specific sutta wherein the conditionality and insubstantiality of the existential process of a sentient being, or consciousness, is made plain by use of the simile of a resonating ...
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How does cause depend on its effect?

This philosophical treatment of Nagarjuna by Westerhoff talks about how a cause depends on its effect. I think that this point is a stumbling block for me but in my philosophical interpretations of ...
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How closely related are the concepts of Karma and Pavlovian conditioning?

If I get into a habit of fighting to defend "my self" is it reasonable to say that getting into a fight and getting beat up is karma? How similar is karma to the idiom "you reap what you sow"?
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What, precisely, is kamma/karma?

In Buddhist doctrine there is always the problem, that for the sake of understandability, certain concepts are being presented in a solid, substantial way, while actually, one has to keep in the back ...
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