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Is wanting to do something = desire?

Is wanting to do something = desire ? Doesn't enlightened people want to do anything ? They just react to whatever comes ? ( "react" may not be a suitable word). A related question that I hope to ask ...
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Domanassa & Dukkha in enlightened beings?

What is the difference between domanassa & dukkha? Does domanassa arise in enlightened beings? Does bodily dukkha arise in enlightened beings?
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Comparing Chinese Agama the ? Bundles of Reeds Simile with Pali Nalakalapiyo Sutta

In commenting a post, I have just been introduced to the "two bundles of reeds leaning up against each other" Sutta. The comments have just been moved to chat and I hope it would be kept for awhile ...
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Must Lay Arahants become Buddhist Monks?

A lay person who becomes an Arahant must become a monk or they will die? Can anyone explain what this teaching means? Do they have to become a Buddhist Monk? Can they just leave the world and ...
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Sammasam Buddha's Sila, was it the best Sila?

Buddha said Sariputra "My Sila is the best/incomparable". But people at the time of Buddha donated flowers, perfumes and jewelries to Buddha (Need citations in Pali Canon and Pitaka). The monk/num's ...
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