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What are timeframe were pali canons, included commentaries, done, especially Mahavihara-Theravada?

My conclusion from tipitaka and commentaries: Most of Tipitaka canons and commentaries, except Kathāvatthu the forth of abhidhamma, began before 1st saṅgāyanā, but catagorize at 1st saṅgāyanā (see: ...
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Any instance in the pali canon where a sotāpanna born as a human?

According to the Theravada Buddhism, a sotāpanna can be born in 7 existence in kama-loka which includes human realm. Yê ariya saccâni vibhâvayanti - gambhira paññnêna sudêsitâni, Kincâpi tê ...
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The Four Great References (AN 4.180)

This question refers to The Four Great References in Mahāpadesa Sutta (AN 4.180). In each case, it ends with: If they’re not included in the discourses and not found in the texts on monastic ...
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Where in the Pali Canon are there Discussions on Reanimated Corpse?

I have heard about are couple of places in the Vinaya which discusses situations involving reanimated corpses. I want to find the exact locations and reference. Also are there any other in the ...
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Sacca-pabba Is the reason that commentary commented "Viññāṇa is Jāti and Paṭisandhi," right?

In saccapabba of mahāsatipaṭṭhānasutta: Jāti is "khandhānaṃ patubhāvo" and "āyatanānaṃ paṭilābho". Khandhānaṃ patubhāvo included viññāṇa-khandha. Viññāṇa-khandha is viññāṇa-paṭiccasamuppāda. Rūpa-...
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