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Should a Buddhist have Children?

In Buddhism having a rebirth is itself a origin of all the Dukhhas. Doesn't it imply that Buddhist laymen who are married should not have children to stop this cycle of rebirth. This leads to a more ...
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Introductory/Beginner books on Buddhism, but for children

There are a few posts on the site asking for good introduction/beginner books on Buddhism, but I can't seem to find any that a child could read and understand. Although age range doesn't really ...
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9 answers

What should a 11-17 years old Buddhist do?

Can a 11-17 years old meditate and become arahant? Is Buddhism only for adults?
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3 answers

Benefits of Producing and Caring for Children

Genetically speaking producing your own children perpetuates your own genes. Buddha spoke at length about the 31 Planes of Existence. What is Buddhism's (not just Theravada) position on having ...
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What Buddhist babies' names or meaning should be?

My relatives ask me to suggest good names that must be Buddhist. I tried on internet but there are from other culture I want Indian names so what names or meaning should be?
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Stories and teachings that glorify adult children and speak against toxic parenting

I have seen that in Buddhist as well as Hindu traditions, parents are considered as benevolent beings who should be venerated and put in a pedestal. Stories, verses, and myths about praises for ...
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2 answers

temple policy for babies/young kids

are there any policies for bringing very young kids (14 month) to a temple/pagoda (stroller, clothes etc)? We
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Question about going forth (while having children & wife)

Do the scriptures somewhere mention that it's appropriate to go forth when having a wife & children? According to the scriptures Gotama, the Buddha-to-be, left his palace & his parents to ...
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6 answers

How bad is the karma of feeding meat to your children?

I have a girlfriend who has a daughter from another man. If I raise this kid not vegetarian, will that be bad karma? Her mother is an omnivore and the kid is being raised in an omnivore household. It ...
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Illegitimate children

this is the situation: a children is born from fornication years ago when the couple were young, years passed the guy married. the women gave the child for adoption. Now the women brings up the child (...
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Which sankhya scriptures were taught to buddha?

From wikipedia : Alara Kalama (Pāḷi & Sanskrit Āḷāra Kālāma/ Arāḍa Kālāma]), was a hermit and a teacher of SamkhyaHe was the first teacher of Gautama Buddha. I want to know which scriptures of ...
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3 answers

gratitude towards & repaying the debt to one's parents

Consider these two texts: the part that contains: Mother & father, compassionate to their family, are called ...
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Can not wanting to have a child be justified under the framework of Buddhism? [duplicate]

People who have children have them for the sake of their own happiness, and ultimately the child suffers. Can we justify not having children at all even for householders stating that all life is ...
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Do the children and grandchildren etc. of eminent "buddhas" get blesssed in any way?

Do the children and grandchildren etc. of eminent "buddhas" get blesssed in any way? I know the buddha had a child, before his enlightenment, and that most important buddhists are celibate, ...
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