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5 answers

Should a Buddhist have Children?

In Buddhism having a rebirth is itself a origin of all the Dukhhas. Doesn't it imply that Buddhist laymen who are married should not have children to stop this cycle of rebirth. This leads to a more ...
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4 answers

Introductory/Beginner books on Buddhism, but for children

There are a few posts on the site asking for good introduction/beginner books on Buddhism, but I can't seem to find any that a child could read and understand. Although age range doesn't really ...
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How bad is the karma of feeding meat to your children?

I have a girlfriend who has a daughter from another man. If I raise this kid not vegetarian, will that be bad karma? Her mother is an omnivore and the kid is being raised in an omnivore household. It ...
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Benefits of Producing and Caring for Children

Genetically speaking producing your own children perpetuates your own genes. Buddha spoke at length about the 31 Planes of Existence. What is Buddhism's (not just Theravada) position on having ...
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