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Is defined to ask about chants in Buddhist tradition. In Buddhism, chanting is the traditional means of preparing the mind for meditation, especially as part of formal practice (in either a lay or monastic context).

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What difference is there in chanting/reciting in the same way as monks?

Recitals or chants such as Om Mani Padme Hum by monks have particular tones. Is there a difference in the ability or inability to chant in a same way for individuals that are not monastic?
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Thai chanting in roman letters and translated

I bow to you with hopes of happiness, peace, safety and health for you. And I come with a dire need for help! I am a practicing buddhist and I regularly visit a thai temple for chanting but I know no ...
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What are the 3 recollection chants?

What are the 3 recollection (protection) chants of the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha? It's told that they can be used to dispel fear. Thank you for your time.
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Was the Buddha known to chant during his meditation?

Did the Buddha chant some mantra or holy word throughout his meditation? Or he was just silent to realize what is coming through him to interpret?
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Could someone help me transcribe a Pali chant?

I'm working on the subtitles for a YouTube video ( and could use some help transcribing the chant at the beginning. I suppose it's one of the relatively ...
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Why are there rising/falling tones in English-language chanting?

I gather from reading around that the rising/falling pitches that appear in Pali chanting by Thais is due to the tones in the Thai language. But when I see English-language chanting by monks from a ...
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Itipiso Chanting

I try to do abit of chanting everyday, and I have tingling feelings in my upper body (spine/arms) the moment I begin chanting starting with Namo Tassa, Itipiso, homage to Dhamma, homage to Sangha, ...
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Buddhist chant from video game

In the old game, Afterlife (Lucas Arts), there is a song that features a chant. The song is the most peaceful of the soundtrack, in my opinion, and I have always wondered what the chant was. The song ...
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Is chanting mantras a common practice in Theravada Buddhism?

In Mahayana Buddhism chanting mantras is one of the core practices and each mantra is associated with a certain Buddha form (yidam). Since in Theravada Buddhism there is no meditations on yidams (or ...
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